Terra Mapper Personal privacy policy

Terra Drone Co. is committed to providing our Image processing Cloud services. This policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information. In order to protect your private information, we have adopted privacy protection laws, guidelines and principles.

We apply this privacy policy when you utilize our services, in conjunction with appropriate regulations and guidelines related with this service.

Regarding personal information acquisition

When we collect personal information, we obey the law and conduct it in an appropriate procedure. In order to utilize our services, we may require you to offer us your personal information in which is listed below:

  • Name, Username, Address, E-mail address, Date of birth
  • Your Drone information, Flight offer information, Flight information in real time, Flight records
  • Your account Log-in password and other related information, User profile, Terminal information, Location information, Payment information, Service usage information, Information of regarding customer support, Information of regarding your action, Communication utility, Your cookie data, information obtained from coordination with external service.
  • Additional information and other designated information.

Purpose of utilizing Personal information

We only utilize your personal information for the below purposes:

  • To provide our service
  • To respond to customer inquiry, system maintenance, the dealing of troubles
  • To develop, provide, maintain and improve our services
  • To report an important information, this includes; the changing of our principle or policy, give you information of our services and respond to your services
  • To charge for your bill
  • To conduct Questionnaire, Seminar, Exposition event, Prize, Champaign
  • To organize Marketing survey, Statistic, Analysis, Advertise and Research
  • To register, issue and inform you of your license, and also take a procedure in terms of our accounting and office work
  • Other purposes when we provide our services

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties except when:

  1. it is done in a way others cannot specify the individual (i.e. for surveys and statistics).
  2. we need to provide them to our entrusted companies in order to carry out our work.
  3. it was required by laws or administrative agencies.
  4. it is due to organizational restructuring, merger or business transfer.
  5. it is for Terra Drone Corporation (developer of Terra Mapper) to utilize them for its new service.
  6. Administrations asked for it in order to grasp the market demand.
  7. we provide them to experts (i.e. administrative scriveners) for ・the purpose of their work such as making flight applications.

Managing personal information

We store and manage your personal information under the guideline which reflects Personal Information Protection Law

Disclosure, revision, or suspension of personal information

We comply with your request on disclosing your personal information. However, we may not disclose all or part of them when:

  • doing so may harm your/third party’s lives, bodies, properties, or any other rights.
  • doing so will significantly interrupt our job performance.
  • it is against the law

Compliance with the law

We observe laws and guidelines regarding handling of personal information, and endeavor to continuously review and improve this Privacy Policy. The latest Privacy Policy will be posted on the website of this service. The revised version of Privacy Policy will apply from the time it is posted on the website.

July 17,2017