Terms of Service

Terra Drone sets terms of use for you to use Terra Mapper at ease. This "Terms of Service" will apply when using Terra Mapper, so please make sure you read this before use. 

You need to agree to terms of use for "UAV traffic management (UTM) service” and "image analysing cloud service” and make a user registration on using Terra Mapper, please make sure you read these thoroughly.

1) General

  1. This terms of use prescribes basic regulations between the users ("you”) and Terra Drone ("us”) regarding use of Terra Mapper.
  2. This terms of use applies to both parties for the use of Terra Mapper.

2) Definition

Here, the following terms are defined as follows:

  1. Terra mapper user ("you”): Companies, organizations, and individuals who made a contract (prescribed in section 4) with Terra Drone after agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  2. Paid registration: Registration made by Terra Mapper service using candidate, by following the steps written in section 3.
  3. Service using candidate: Companies, organizations, and individuals who are willing to use Terra Mapper services.
  4. Contract for using Terra Mapper: Contract about our services between our company and the user, when using Terra Mapper.

3) Paid Registration

  1. Terra Mapper is a service provided under conditions that you or service using candidates unchangeably accept this terms of use and the related regulations or any statements, and that they pass the inspection written in paragraph 3.
  2. Service using candidates are asked to check the registration process in this website or application, and make a paid registration after agreeing to these T&Cs. Once you completed the paid registration process, you have agreed to unchangeably accept these T&Cs and related provisions/statements.
  3. We inspect you based on the registration of prescribed in preceding paragraph. Once we have accepted your application, you will be granted qualification for using Terra Mapper. A contract between you and our company will be established from that point in time.
  4. Except for the guarantee provisions prescribed in article 9, we do not guarantee that all Terra Mapper content will be surely provided, that the content matches your purpose for making paid registration, nor that information provided by Terra Mapper will be safe, accurate, certain, or useful. We do not incur any responsibilities other than those prescribed in paragraph 2 of article 11.

4) Fees

  1. You are obligated to pay compensation fixed on this website or application, by the due date using the payment method prescribed in the next article.
  2. If you made the registration in the middle of any month, the fee for the commencing month will be calculated on a daily prorate from the day of registration until the end of the month.
  3. Even if you failed to receive the service by the provisions written in article 7 or article 10, you shall make the payment prescribed in this article for the valid period.
  4. We can revise the fee without making individual notifications to you in advance when we need to do so. We regard that you have accepted the revised price without objection if you chose to continue using our service after we have displayed the new fee on this website or application. However, Terra Drone can set a transformation period for the existing users in which the price before the revision will be applied to.

Payment methods

  1. You make the fee payment by registering a valid credit card in your name or any other payment methods, when you match the following condition.

    If you registered to Terra Mapper through this website, the following payment method is accepted.

      a. Credit card

      b. Invoices

      Other methods*

  1. If you make the payment using the method "a.” in the preceding paragraph, you shall pay before the due date set by the credit card company. This due date defers depending on the companies, so please check with the company you have contract with. You will be required to pay for the damage caused by a late payment by 14.6% annual ratio to us regardless of the credit card company’s credit non-approval, payment rejection, payment reservation, bankruptcy or any other reasons. Payment method for the damage will be designated by us, and you shall pay any transaction fee for the payment.
  1. If there is changes to your registered credit card information (i.e. credit card company or card number. Same hereinafter.), you must make changes to the information following the process set in this website or application, and make the payment without delays. We are not liable incur any responsibilities for damages caused by failure of amendment procedure (includes damages caused by our action towards your failure of amendment procedure prescribed in paragraph 1 of article 7).
  2. We do not issue receipts for the payment prescribed in this article.

6) Withdrawal from Terra Mapper

  1. You can cancel contract with Terra Mapper in a given way. The day you carry out the cancellation procedure will be noted as the withdrawal date, and you will not be able to use Terra Mapper from the time you have completed the cancellation process.
  2. If you carry out the cancellation procedure in the middle of any month, the fee for the month will be calculated by daily prorate from the beginning of the month to the withdrawal date.
  3. Terra Mapper does not grant a refund for any paid fees or other payments in any circumstances.

7) Suspension or discharge from Terra Mapper

  1. Terra Mapper can suspend or discharge you from Terra Mapper without notification in advance, and without objection if you:

a. Were judged that you fall under any of the prohibitions of our terms of use.

b. Delayed or rejected to perform the required payment for Terra Mapper services.

  1. If you fulfil any of the two items in the preceding paragraph, you shall forfeit the benefit of time and make a lump-sum repayment of the total liability you have for our company.
  2. We do not take any responsibilities for the result led from the measures we take written in paragraph 1 of this article.

8) Privacy Policy

  1. We may present your personal information to organisations such as credit card companies when judged necessary to do so for identifying your claims and liabilities or collecting payments.
  2. You shall accept without objection that the company entrusted by us manage your credit card information and other payment method information for claiming payment.

9) Service continuity guarantee

  1. We guarantee you that we maintain our service operation time for more than 99.5%.
  2. If you could not use the service for more than 3.6 hours (account to 0.5% of the total time in a month) in a month (from 1st to the last day of the month, not referring to 30 days immediately before. Same hereinafter.), you can claim the inoperative time to our company. If we admit your claimed inoperative time as legitimate (includes case where partially admitted and the admitted time is over 3.6 hours), we reduce the fee for the month following the month containing the day when the claim was made, by rates provided hereafter for each conditions. If your claim was accepted and had already paid for the following month, we make a refund calculated by the rates hereafter, using methods we provide.

    (1) When the inoperative time in a month is over 3.6 hours and not exceeding 7.2 hours:

    20% of the monthly fee

    (2) When you delayed or rejected to perform payment or other obligations:

    40% of the monthly fee

  1. Inoperative time refers to the period of time where more than 5% of the total service users:

    a. cannot display our website.

    b. fail to login to our service.

    c. cannot see information from our service.

  1. Regardless of the preceding paragraph, it will not be counted as inoperative time when the disruption happens:

    a. between 1am to 6am (Japan time).

    b. for less than 10 minutes.

    c. due to your environment.

    d. because of system updates, within the time slot that we notified 5 days or more in advance of the update.

  1. You can only make a claim written in paragraph 2 of this article until end of the following month of the month where the system stopped over 3.6 hours. We do not have the obligation specified in paragraph 1 of this article if you make the claim after this fixed date.

10) Amendment, suspension, cancellation, supplement, and discontinuation of the service

  1. We can change, add to, and discontinue all or part of the Terra Mapper content without notifying in advance.
  2. We can cancel providing/managing all or part of the Terra Mapper service in our own judgment. We notify in our own appropriate way when we have decided to cancel providing/managing all or part of the Terra Mapper service. However, we may not make a notification in an emergency.
  3. We can temporarily stop all or part of Terra Mapper service without notifying in advance, when any of the situations described in paragraph 2 of article 9 occurs.
  4. We shall not incur any responsibilities to Terra Mapper service from using candidates, users, or the third party for damage compensation or reinstatement caused by changes, supplements, discontinuation, and suspension of Terra Mapper service pursuant to this article.

11) Damage compensation

  1. You must make reparation for all damages (including indirect damages) to us when your damage is caused by violating this terms of use or using Terra Mapper.
  2. We do not incur any responsibilities for your damages caused by Terra Mapper. When we are responsible to you for the damages notwithstanding provisions exempting our damage reparation liability, we limit our reparation liability to direct and ordinary damages that actually happened which can be attributed to us, and our maximum reparation is the total user fee we have received from you within one year from the damage.

12) Commencing and terminating date of the service

You can use Terra Mapper from the day you made the paid registration pursuant to article 3. When you withdraw from Terra Mapper or your user ID is deleted, you cannot use Terra Mapper from the day you withdrew or your user ID was deleted.

July 17,2017