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You're now ready for applying for free trial of Terra Mapper Desktop.

In this trial, we let you try our basic features of Terra Mapper such as measurement, export, comparison, 3D visualization.
One default projects are already ready for you to try out our features quickly. No install is required.
Of course, you are allowed to generate up to two original projects as you like by importing your geotagged EXIF images.

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See Recommended Operating Environment in "Before Use" for Terra Mapper Desktop.

< Recommended Operating Environment >
・Windows 10 (Pro , Home) 64bit
・Intel Core i7 (Skylake, Kaby Lake Recommends = 7700HQ、7820HK ※1)
・More than SSD 256GB
・More than 30 GB disk space in C:
・More than RAM 16GB ※2
※1 These are usually mounted in gaming PCs.
The CPU can be checked from the properties of the task manager or PC.
※1 For Xeon, please contact us so we need to set up separately in our software.
※2 Please note that operation becomes extremely difficult if it is 8 GB.


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